Weekend Series


2017-07-16 - 2017-08-06

Do you have a hard time understanding the Bible? Do you question its authenticity? Does it seem too far-fetched or irrelevant to you? Let's explore how all the books of the Bible are woven together with a common thread which tells one overarching, magnificent story. 

Bite-Sized Wisdom

2017-06-11 - 2017-07-02

God's Word is always relevant –even in our modern, high-speed world. He offers us bite-sized wisdom from Proverbs – single-servings of practical instruction to guide us through the things of life. Let's hear from the ultimate source of wisdom how to deal with everything from our work ethic to sexual purity.

The Anti-Hero

2017-05-21 - 2017-06-04

Can a hero be flawed to the core? What about a hero that struggles with depression and mood swings? Does God use someone who is broken for great things? God used an unlikely man named Elijah, and Scripture says that he was “just like us.” 

Mothers Day 2017


The truth is, all mothers are wonder woman.  God created everyone of them and affixed his unique fingerprint.  Every mother has the unique attributes of God and, on top of the image God displays through EVERYONE that trust in Him, mothers have the opportunity to show God in a special way that is really only seen through motherhood.

K-Rock 2017


Friends for Never is K-Rock's latest performance based on the story of the Good Samaritan. Today, just as in Bible times, humans have the tendency to label groups of people and to keep their distance from those who are different.  Is there someone we're passing by without noticing?


2017-04-23 - 2017-04-30

Because of Easter, we can boldly approach God with our requests. What does that mean for us? It means that God has a life waiting for us that is filled with purpose, significance, and blessing. God is also the best source of help in navigating life's challenges and choices.